Thursday, June 23, 2011

DemoMate Enhancements - June 2011

The DemoMate Team is proud to announce that a new version has been released (Version 1.4) introducing a number of new features, including Fast Capture Mode, and a new design control called Step Delay! Take a look:

Fast Capture Mode: Now there is a convenient new way to capture demos! With the new Fast Capture Mode (available in the Options menu), the demo capture speed is accelerated, and DemoMate automatically captures hover states for you. With Fast Capture Mode, you no longer need to tap the Left Control button to capture the hover states that add realism to your demos. If and when you need extra precision, you can still tap Left Control to capture your own hover image.

Three Convenient Capture Modes: In the Options menu, you can now easily switch between Fast Capture Mode, Manual Capture Mode, and Custom Capture Mode. With the Custom Capture Mode, you can manually configure the Automatic Hover Capture and Capture Speed settings. Try out the different mix of settings that works best for you!

Step Delay: As requested by the community, this new control lets you slow down or speed up any step in your demo. For example, if a step contains a lot of text for your viewer to read, you might slow down the step by adding a second or two of delay. Conversely, if you want to create a simple animation – such as the rapid movement of a progress bar – you can accelerate the rate at which steps appear by choosing a value less than one second. You can adjust Step Delay settings down to tenths of a second.

Text Box Font Sizes: As requested by the community, we have now added support for 13-point fonts to the Text Entry Box.

Remove Hover Image: As requested by advanced users, you can now remove the hover image for a step by right-clicking on a step, and selecting the Remove Hover Image option.

General Maintenance: We’re also shipping numerous general performance enhancements including refinements to the Click Instruction Bubble scaling algorithm, support for carriage returns in the Click Instruction Bubble Text, refinements to how a demo can be advanced after pressing Pause, updates to the Options menu layout, updated help text, and general maintenance.

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