Friday, March 11, 2011

DemoMate Enhancements - March 2011

The DemoMate Team is proud to announce that a new version has been released (Version 1.3) introducing a number of new features, including rich text formatting, a new look for talking points, and new ways to make collaboration easier! Take a look:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Rich Text Formatting

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Rich Text Formatting: Now you can add Bold, Underline, and Italic formatting to the on-screen text in your demo! As you apply formatting to Click Instructions and Talking Points in the editor, the formatting changes are immediately reflected in the Click Instruction bubble.

Rich Text Formatting also displays elegantly in the Talking Points Pane within all DemoMate Players. The Client, Silverlight, Embeddable, and Auto-Run players have all been updated. All available Pane orientations have also been updated, including Floating, and Docked Right, Left, Top, or Bottom.

New Look for Talking Points: We’ve updated the look of the Talking Points when they appear on-screen – they match the glossy blue gradient look of the Click Instruction Bubble, creating a smooth, consistent experience.

Enhanced Collaboration: As requested by the community, multiple authors can now alternately collaborate on a DemoMate file without needing to package the file for distribution between users – even if the file is on a shared network. Simply select File=>Open from any licensed copy of DemoMate and Browse to the .demo file.

Longer Section Names: As requested by the community, section names no longer have a fixed character limit.

Presenter Mode Update: On steps with no click instruction, pressing TAB to display the click cue now displays a generic “Click Here” bubble.

General Maintenance: Client Player updates, New splash screen for Presenter Versions, revisions to Presenter Version features, updated help text, ongoing performance optimization.

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Unknown said...

I noticed the TAB key will also disable the click-here beacon, which is very cool. It would also be really nice to control the starting state of this beacon and have the TAB key cycle you thru nothing/beacon/bubble.

The beacon is the primary thing that is holding my company back from being able to produce product simulations that we're being asked for. This feature would open up a lot of doors for getting demos/sims out using Demomate.