Friday, November 19, 2010

DemoMate Enhancements - November 2010

The DemoMate Team is proud to announce that a new version has been released (Version 1.2), introducing a number of new features, including a step fade effect, rotatable click bubbles, and a new splash screen. Take a look:

DemoMate Tutorial:

November 2010 New Feature Demo

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New Splash Screen: The first thing you'll notice is the new DemoMate "Splash Screen." Now, the DemoMate application launches in a new way, with new options to choose from to help you save time, and delight your customers with your work.

WYSIWYG Editing Experience: Once inside DemoMate, you'll notice a new look and feel within the DemoMate editor. Based on feedback from the DemoMate Community, we've updated the shape and behavior of the Click Instruction bubble inside the editor, so it accurately reflects the experience your viewers will see, and gives you more design control at a greater level of detail. This size and color of the click bubble matches what customers see in play mode, and you can now freely rotate and move the click instruction bubble to place it exactly where you want it to appear.

Step Fade Transition: As requested by the DemoMate Community, you will notice a new step control is available in the Editor, called a Step Fade. By selecting this option, you can add a "Fade-In" effect to any step of your demo, allowing you to create a graceful transition between steps or sections.

Dramatic Performance Enhancements: When you're ready to package or publish your demos, you will certainly notice the dramatic new performance enhancements our technical team has delivered for you. Packaging speeds are literally ten times faster in this new release than they were previously ... with these time-saving enhancements, demos that once took minutes to package or share, now take seconds.

Event Logging for Scripting and Analytics: As requested by our more technical customers and partners, we've made available a complete set of Event Logging Options that can accommodate advanced Analytics and Scripting. For example, you can now track when a given demo begins and ends, enabling you to pull reports or create sequential events on your website. To view the documentation on this new capability, click here. Developers can also follow us on Twitter to receive alerts whenever new content is posted.

General Maintenance: New “Cue Type” selector in Options Menu, improved ESC and Left CTRL key performance in Windows 7 environments, increased font size in Click Instruction Bubble, updated Help Text, various other enhancements.

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