Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DemoMate Enhancements - July 2010

The DemoMate Team is proud to announce that the latest version has been released (Build 1078), introducing a number of new features, and a major new enhancement: “Video Boxes.” Take a look:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Video Boxes Demo

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Video Boxes: Now you can add video to your demos! Video Boxes are a great way to add a “Wow Factor.” DemoMate Video Boxes let you embed any video created in the Windows Media format (.wmv). You can use Video Boxes to simulate streaming video in an application or through the web, conducting video chats, and more. You can also use Video Boxes to add animated intros to your demos, such as an exported 3-D effect. Other great uses are to embed a customer testimonial video, or a few words from a key executive. Video Boxes are flexible/resizable, and can be set to play automatically, or on demand.

Video Boxes Supported in all Playback Modes: Video Boxes are supported in all DemoMate playback modes, including Preview, Present, all embeddable Silverlight Players, the “Click-to-Run” .EXE Player, and the hosted Player on

Simulated “Drag and Drop”: We have updated Presentation mode so that when you click and drag the mouse cursor, a new cursor is displayed that increases realism.

Highlight Boxes on Demo Scripts: Highlight Boxes are now displayed on exported scripts, making it even easier to use your demo scripts as training materials in hands-on labs.

Turn Mouse Pointer On / Off: As requested by the community, you can now Turn Off the Mouse Pointer on any step. This is helpful when you are displaying presentation graphics or video.

Keyboard Shortcuts: As requested by the community, we have added keyboard shortcuts to DemoMate for many commonly used commands. Please check the DemoMate Help available in the client for a complete list of shortcuts.

Fewer times to “Make an Editable Copy”: As requested by the Community, DemoMate no longer locks demos for editing when you press “Present.” This will significantly reduce the number of situations where you will be prompted to “make an editable copy” of a demo you are creating.

Increased Tutorial Font Size: As requested by the Community, we have increased the font size in the script pane of the Tutorial Player to make on-screen scripts more readable.

Ongoing Optimization: The process of packaging stand-alone auto-play demos as .EXE files (from the Package Tutorial option) is now 400% faster. The packaging process for Installers has also been optimized.

General Maintenance: Various enhancements.

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