Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adding Text Boxes to Your Demo

As part of our most recent release of DemoMate, we introduced text boxes, which allow you to simulate typing into text fields during your product demonstrations. In addition, text boxes will automatically animate typing text in during an auto-play demo, making your online tutorials more realistic.

Click below to learn how to work with text boxes in DemoMate:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Capturing and Creating Text Boxes

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You can add a text box control to a demo step by clicking the Add Text Box button. Clicking this button will place a new text box (shaded orange) on the screenshot for the current step, which can then be dragged and resized to be positioned over the field where you want to simulate typing. You can then type whatever text you want to display directly into the text box field, and even adjust the font type and size. Each step can have a single text box control placed on it.

When you arrive at a step with a text box control while presenting your demo, you’ll be able to simulate typing on your keyboard, while the pre-defined text string types itself in with each key pressed. The actual text you type on your keyboard doesn’t matter, because the text that will be displayed has already been defined in the editor. Pressing SPACE on a step with a text box will automatically complete all the remaining text for that text box. Pressing ENTER on a step with a text box will automatically complete all the remaining text for that text box and automatically advance to the next step in the demo (after the text has finished typing in).

When a demo is displayed in auto-play mode (by clicking Play in the client or when watching a packaged Silverlight version of a demo), the text will automatically type itself in when a demo step with a text box is reached.

A text box control should be placed on a step in the demo where the text field is empty. Depending on what the next step in the demo is, you might then position the Click box to be either directly behind the text box, or on top of a Submit / OK button of some kind.

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Can I change the font color in the text box?