Monday, February 22, 2010

Working with Jump Boxes and Click Boxes

Each step in DemoMate requires you to have a Click Box in order to ensure that the user can click through the entire demo in a linear fashion. There are several ways you can approach having both click boxes and jump boxes on the same step:

  • You can have one of your buttons set as the “default” or preferred choice, and use the click box as the overlay on that button. Clicking on that button would then take the user to the next step or section in the demo. You can then place Jump Boxes on all the other buttons on that screenshot.

  • You can also simply minimize the size of the click box and drag it into a corner on the screenshot. You would still get a “Click Here” cue over the click box in this instance, so the first option might be the better choice if that is a concern. This approach is best when the sections you want to link to are further up or down in the demo navigation pane, and you don't necessarily want the demo presenter to advance to the very next step in the demo.

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