Monday, February 22, 2010

Introduction to Jump Boxes

By adding a jump box control to a demo step, you can provide some additional flexibility in demo navigation by allowing you to “jump” or “branch” to a different section in the demo. For example, you might have an introductory screenshot that allows the demo presenter to click on one of several choices, each of which jumps to a different section in the demo. The same approach could be used at the end of a demo section, to allow the presenter to choose where to go next in the demo.

In addition, jump boxes can also be used to embed hyperlinks to external content in your demo. This can be used to create a “For More Information” link at the end of a demo, or perhaps to link to a series of related documents that are hosted on a publicly-accessible web server.

To add a jump box to a demo step, click on the Add Jump Box button on the step controls. This will place a new jump box control on the current demo step. Multiple jump box controls can be placed on a single step. To customize the location of a jump box, expand the “Jump To” menu and select the demo section you want that jump box to point to. With the Jump To: menu open, you can also click the “Add New Address” button to type in a URL for the jump box.

Currently, Jump Boxes are only active in the Present / Preview modes for a demo. They will not be displayed in auto-play mode.

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