Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DemoMate Enhancements - October 2009

The DemoMate Team is pleased to announce that the latest version has been released (Build 873), introducing the ability to export and import your demo scripts.

You can export your demo script to the Microsoft Word .docx format, including screenshots for each step, click instructions and presenter script text. This provides a convenient way to review the entire demo script in one location, distribute it by e-mail, or include it as a project deliverable.

You can also re-import any edits you make to a demo script. Just make sure the script matches the demo (e.g., they both have the same number of Sections and Steps). All of the Click Instruction and Presenter Script text will be imported from the script back into your demo.

Here's a brief tutorial showing the process of exporting a script, making a few changes, and then importing those changes back into DemoMate:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Exporting and Importing Demo Scripts

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From the Options menu, we've also added a new setting that lets you adjust the export script quality:

This setting determines the quality of the screenshots when you export a script to the .docx format. Higher quality will allow the images to be resized if desired and improve the overall quality by reducing the amount of image compression. Higher quality images will result in significantly larger file sizes, which could make it difficult to distribute the scripts via e-mail.

On behalf of the team that worked hard to bring you this new feature, we hope it’s a time-saver for you, and that it opens up new ways to share and collaborate with your team, partners, and customers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inserting a Step

In our recent DemoMate release (Build 852), we added the ability to insert steps into a demo. This provides an easy way for you to add screenshots, PowerPoint slides, diagrams, or other content to your demos.

When inserting an image, it must be the same pixel size as the rest of the steps in that demo. For example, if your demo was captured at 1024x768, then the image you insert must also be 1024x768. Currently, the images must also be inserted in the .PNG image format.

Here's a brief tutorial showing you the process of inserting a step in a demo:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Inserting a Step Demo

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