Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introduction to Audio in DemoMate

DemoMate gives you the ability to add audio “sound bites” to individual Steps within a demo, or to Sections within a demo. You can hear the audio whenever you use one of the auto-play options in DemoMate. These options include: clicking the Play button from the DemoMate Editor, or selecting Package Tutorial on the Share tab.

When playing a demo back, audio “Sound Bites” associated with an individual Step will play first, then advance the demo, giving demo authors control and flexibility over how sound bites are used in the demo. Audio associated with a Section will keep playing as the demo progresses from Step to Step. If the audio file is longer than all the steps in the Section, then the mouse cursor will pause on the last step of the Section until the audio file has finished playing.

You can also add Background Music to your demo, which will play and loop in the background of your demo.

Note: Even in a DemoMate where audio has been added, the audio will not interfere with your use of any presenter-driven DemoMate formats, such as selecting Preview or Present from the DemoMate Editor, or selecting “Package for Distribution” or “Publish for Download” from the Share tab. In any of these cases, the recorded sound bites and background audio will simply not play when Presenting or Previewing. However, they will be included in any packaged file and available to the recipient for use in auto-play scenarios.

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