Monday, August 17, 2009

Adding Sound Bites or Background Music to Your Demo

There are two ways to add audio to your demo: you can record your own audio using the DemoMate Sound Recorder, or you can Attach pre-recorded audio files. DemoMate supports both .mp3 and Windows Media Audio (.wma) file formats.

The benefits of using the DemoMate Sound Recorder are that it is extremely simple, fast, and easy to use. The benefits of using professional audio software are that you have the opportunity to perform post-production functions not supported by the DemoMate Sound Recorder, such as normalizing volume levels, eliminating static, and editing out dead space. Check the DemoMate Team Blog for recommended audio packages. When using professional audio, you may still want to use the DemoMate Sound Recorder for the purposes of timing and “scratch tracks.”

Adding Audio to a Step or Section

To add an audio “sound bite” to a Step or Section, click on the Speaker Button next to the Step number or Section Name in the right navigation pane. This will launch the Sound Bite dialog box, with the following options:

Play – Preview an existing sound bite.

Stop – This button serves dual purposes, and will either stop playing a sound bite if one is playing, or stop a recording session.

Record – Begin recording a sound bite.

Attach File – Allows you to browse and select an existing file.

Delete – Deletes the existing sound bite.

Using the Mini Audio Control Panel

There is an additional way to add an audio Sound Bite to a Step. If you have an individual Step selected in the navigation pane, you can also use the Mini Audio Control Panel, embedded in the bottom panel, to preview, record, or attach sound bites. Finally, you can right click on a step (or section) in the navigation pane to bring up a context menu that allows you to perform certain actions.

Adding Demo Background Music

To add background music to your demo, click the Music button located directly above the Capture New Section button in the right editor pane.

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