Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DemoMate Enhancements - July 2009

The DemoMate Team is pleased to announce that the latest version has been released (Build 756), introducing 3 major new features that will help you save money, increase sales, and delight your customers:

Audio Support
We’re excited to release the most-requested feature the DemoMate community has been asking for – Audio Support.

Now you can attach sound bites to individual steps or entire sections of your demos, as well as add background music. By adding sound in "Bites," you maintain the ability to edit, re-order, or extend your demos as usual, without needed to re-record the audio or use complex editing software. That’s a big time-saver for you, and another industry first for the DemoMate Dev team!

Audio-enabled demos can be easily embedded into your websites, blogs, SharePoint portals, or applications, using the "Package Tutorial" button on the Share Tab. This is a great new way to enhance your solutions with "How To" content that accelerates your customers’ ROI, and sets you apart from your competition.

Speaking of embedded demos, click here to learn more about audio from the demo embedded in our blog (you can also click on the image below).

DemoMate Tutorial:

DemoMate Audio Introduction

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Package Executables
We’ve introduced a new packaging option for your auto-run demos, called "Package Executable". This lets you package an auto-play tutorial in a single executable file, suitable for running at trade shows or kiosks, or burning onto CD/DVD resource kits.

Play Button
We’ve incorporated a new Play Button in the DemoMate client, letting you run your demos in auto-play mode without the need to package them. This is a great way to preview your work while you’re building a tutorial, and also lets you quickly auto-play a demo whenever you choose.

Thanks to the Community
We’ve been working hard to deliver these features and we want to take a moment to say “Thank You” to everyone in the DemoMate community who has contributed their time and ideas to these powerful new capabilities. We love the success stories you tell us and we’re looking forward to seeing how you take advantage of these new capabilities.

Go forth and Demo!

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