Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save Time and Money: Capturing IT Knowledge

As the DemoMate community continues to grow, we wanted to share some examples of how DemoMate is being used to save time, save money, and generate new revenue opportunities. This is the fourth in a series of 5 short posts where we'll be sharing the latest from the community on the following topics: Sales Demos, Rapid Documentation, Paperless Training, Capturing IT Knowledge, and Hands-On Labs.

Capturing IT Knowledge: Companies of all sizes have proprietary processes and procedures that are critical for their ongoing operations, and sometimes, this knowledge is poorly documented, or not documented at all – it’s walking around in the heads of a few key employees who may have places to go. It’s traditionally very expensive for a company to recreate that knowledge should it walk out the door.

Customers are using DemoMate to document and codify their own IT practices. Customers are using DemoMate to capture these processes, using the Publish for Tutorial feature. Once complete, customers can save these tutorials for future reference, using DemoMate’s password-protected My Demos page, or by saving the demo files locally or on a network.

Having these processes captured as Tutorials and Printed Scripts can be especially useful when employees need to be “shown” how to do something new, such as when a process was previous done by operating the controls of a machine, and is now done using a computer interface. As the CIO of a major industrial company put it, “I have 4 generations of employee in my company, from the Silent Generation to Gen Y, some want to read, some just want to “see” what they need to do. DemoMate gives me both.”

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