Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Windows 7 Capture Issue Update

Good news for all DemoMate users on the Windows 7 beta – we just heard from the Windows 7 Application Compatibility team, and they let us know the DemoMate capture issue is resolved as of Build 7133!

The issue prevented users from being able to press ‘ESC’ to end demo capture when capturing both demo clicks AND hover steps in a few locations in Windows 7. Since the issue is now resolved, anyone with special access to Build 7133 should see DemoMate behave as designed, and for those without special access, the issue will be eliminated when you install the RTM of Windows 7 upon its scheduled release in a few months.

In the meantime, our recommendation when creating a demo on Windows 7 is simply to either avoid capturing hover states, or to capture your demo in very short sections, if you have a need to capture the Control Panel or Task Manager.

On behalf of the DemoMate team, we want to pass along our kudos and a huge "Thank You" to the Win 7 Team for their great work in helping us resolve this issue. We’ve all heard the great things about Win 7 in the media, and having seen their work firsthand, we agree: Win 7 Rocks!

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