Friday, May 8, 2009

Using the DemoMate Silverlight Tutorial Player

The new Silverlight tutorial player is designed to be as easy as possible for your viewers to enjoy. When the tutorial player has finished loading, the user will be presented by a large Play button in the center of the screen, encouraging them to engage with your content and watch the tutorial. Clicking this button (or the Play button on the toolbar) will start the tutorial playing to auto-play mode.

While the tutorial is playing, the viewer has the following options from the bottom toolbar:

Play / Pause: When the tutorial is paused, the auto-play mode will pause on the current step, allowing the viewer additional time to view the content, read the presenter script text, etc. While the tutorial is paused, the viewer can actually continue to advance one step at a time, instead of watching the demo in auto-play mode. If a viewer wants to navigate through a tutorial in this manner, it is recommended that the Click Instruction and / or Click Beacon option be enabled, to make it clear where to click next.

Next Step: Advances the tutorial to the next step.

Previous Step: Returns the tutorial to the previous step.

Progress Bar: Shows the current location in the tutorial. The play head on this bar can be dragged, allowing the viewer to quickly move to any point in the tutorial.

Audio Button: Enables / disables the click sound.

Full-Screen Button: Switches the player into full-screen mode. In this mode, the tutorial player takes over the viewer’s entire screen, breaking out of the browser window entirely. The screenshots in this mode will be scaled up to their maximum resolution, allowing for a much larger and clearer picture than might be possible in a small embedded player. While in this mode, the viewer can press the Restore button or ‘ESC’ to return to normal browser mode.

Options Menu: Allows the viewer to adjust many of the settings for the player, including:

  • Pointer Speed
  • Presenter Script Orientation
  • Show / Hide Click Instructions
  • Show / Hide Mouse Pointer
  • Show / Hide Click Beacon
  • Enable / Disable Looping

The following keyboard shortcuts are also available when viewing a tutorial:

LEFT ARROW – Previous step
RIGHT ARROW – Next step
SHIFT + LEFT ARROW – Previous section
SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW – Next section
TAB – Show / Hide Click Beacon

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