Thursday, May 7, 2009

Save Time and Money: Sales Demos

As the DemoMate community continues to grow, we wanted to take a minute and share some examples of how DemoMate is being used to save time, save money, and generate new revenue opportunities. This is the first in a series of 5 short posts where we'll be sharing the latest from the community on the following topics: Sales Demos, Rapid Documentation, Paperless Training, Capturing IT Knowledge, and Hands-On Labs.

First Up: Sales Demos.

Sales Demos – Customers are using DemoMate for sales demos to reduce sales costs and make it easier for sales teams and partners to give demos to more people. Demos which would normally require virtual machines, servers, or access to hosted environments are now portable and lightweight. One customer reported that his original demo was 65 GB, but the DemoMate version was only 19MB, and much easier for his partners in remote geographies to download, learn and present.

For example, in less than 6 months from its introduction into the Microsoft partner community, DemoMate use had spread to 90 countries around the world, bringing important sales content along with it. In trade show settings, DemoMate is being used to reduce costs – saving up to $1,000 per demo kiosk where demos would normally require CAT5 cabling for online access.

In the words of a DemoMate customer at a recent trade show, "What amazed me about DemoMate was how little there was to learn. I captured my entire on-stage demonstration in a single sitting, and it worked perfectly the very first time."

In other cases, customers are using DemoMate as an "insurance policy." Sometimes bandwidth or performance issues render a live demo impractical, or no one in the board room knows the WEP key for the wireless network – having a DemoMate version of your demo keeps your meeting moving. At a recent trade show, a group of employees missed their scheduled stage time due to airport delays, but because DemoMate copies of the on-stage presentations were available, it was possible for a different presenter to be successful in front of hundreds of people.

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