Friday, May 15, 2009

Save Time and Money: Rapid Documentation

As the DemoMate community continues to grow, we wanted to share some examples of how DemoMate is being used to save time, save money, and generate new revenue opportunities. This is the second in a series of 5 short posts where we'll be sharing the latest from the community on the following topics: Sales Demos, Rapid Documentation, Paperless Training, Capturing IT Knowledge, and Hands-On Labs.

Rapid Documentation – Customers who need to deliver “hard copy” instructions for different demos or tasks, such as for Sarbanes Oxley requirements, for training materials, or for customers in the Public Sector, are using DemoMate’s Print Script functions to save time creating these documents. DemoMate automatically generates click-by-click documentation in a 3 column format including screen shots, click pointers, optional click instruction text, and optional descriptive text. This saves 3-6 hours of work per deliverable, and makes it easier to deliver custom documentation more often.

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