Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Save Time and Money: Paperless Training

As the DemoMate community continues to grow, we wanted to share some examples of how DemoMate is being used to save time, save money, and generate new revenue opportunities. This is the third in a series of 5 short posts where we'll be sharing the latest from the community on the following topics: Sales Demos, Rapid Documentation, Paperless Training, Capturing IT Knowledge, and Hands-On Labs.

Paperless Training – With any software solution, Customer Satisfaction and ROI are directly related to the rate of user adoption. Customers who sell and implement software are using DemoMate to create and deliver Custom, Interactive training materials at a fraction of traditional costs.

As discussed in previous posts, DemoMate’s Print Script functions are great for creating custom, rapid documentation for a wide range of purposes. However, as members of the DemoMate community (and their customers) “Go Green,” there is broad interest in “paperless training” techniques. Customers are using DemoMate’s “Tutorial” functionality to deliver this new value-added service.

During the implementation process, companies work with their clients to identify the top employee tasks by role. Then, they use DemoMate to capture step-by-step tutorials of each process, using the DemoMate Publish for Tutorial feature. Once complete, customers can invite the employees to view the tutorials and by doing so, take advantage of DemoMate’s ability to provision password-protected My Demos pages for each employee. Some customers are going one step beyond this – with the new “Package For Tutorial” feature introduced with the April release of DemoMate, customers can actually embed training demos or sales demos inside the application interface, such as on a Role page.

Embedded, “Paperless Training” has the opportunity to revolutionize software usability. We’re scheduling a number of specific webcasts on this topic. If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming webcasts, send e-mail to and put the words Paperless Training in the subject line.

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