Monday, May 18, 2009

Embedding a Tutorial in PowerPoint

With the new DemoMate embeddable tutorial player, you can easily embed your self-running tutorials into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This allows you to create seamless presentations, including slide content and tutorial content. This is especially helpful in trade show kiosks or internal displays when you need to show content in an offline environment.

In order to embed a tutorial, you first need to download a plug-in for PowerPoint that lets you add web content into a PowerPoint slide. We recommend the excellent LiveWeb for Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in, which can be downloaded here.

Once the plug-in is downloaded and installed, you can embed a DemoMate tutorial file into a PowerPoint slide. This tutorial can either be content stored locally on your hard drive, or hosted remotely on a website. In either case, you need to point the LiveWeb plug-in to the URL where the tutorial .html file is located.

Be aware that if you point to a local file on your hard disk, then if you move the PowerPoint deck to a different machine you'll also need to move the DemoMate tutorial files and ensure the embedded link is still valid. This is because the plug-in does not actually embed the tutorial itself into PowerPoint, but only a link to where the tutorial player is located.

For a complete, step-by-step demonstration of this entire process, please view the following tutorial:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Embedding a Tutorial in PowerPoint

Get Microsoft Silverlight

One important thing to note is that this only allows you to embed the Silverlight auto-play tutorial format in PowerPoint. If you plan on actually presenting a click-by-click demonstration of DemoMate to your audience, you should still use the DemoMate client application. This allows you to take advantage of several important features, such as dual-screen presentation mode, viewing hover and down states for your demo, etc. In this case, you might consider doing the opposite of what is described in this blog post, and add your slide content directly into DemoMate.

This process is described in a separate blog post, located here. We feel there is a time and place for both scenarios.

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