Friday, May 1, 2009

DemoMate Enhancements - May 2009

You asked for it … you got it! The all-new DemoMate Embeddable Player is here, and with it come new opportunities for you to increase revenues, decrease cost, and delight customers.

In this release of DemoMate (Build 690), we’re proud to introduce a powerful new feature – requested by the DemoMate Community – that dramatically expands what you can do with your demos. Now, at the touch of a button, you can package your demo in an embeddable Silverlight player similar to a YouTube player. This new features is called “Package Tutorial.”

Once packaged, your demos can be hosted on a web site, run from your desktop, or even embedded in blogs, SharePoint portals, PowerPoint presentations, or other applications that support Silverlight.

To package a tutorial, simply create or open your demo, switch to the Share tab, and select Package Tutorial. Better yet, just press Play to watch this Tutorial below. Be sure and check out the full-screen mode to see how clear and easy-to-follow the demo screens are at their full size:

DemoMate Tutorial:

Packaging a Tutorial

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Here's an example of how you can embed a tutorial in a SharePoint portal:

We’ve worked hard to bring you this new feature, and we’re looking forward to seeing the many different uses you find to showcase your demos, solutions, and training materials. Keep an eye on the Tips and Tricks section of this blog over the next couple weeks, as we’ll be publishing a series of articles on how to embed the new tutorial player in different kinds of content, such as SharePoint portals, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

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