Friday, April 17, 2009

Capturing Hover and Down States in DemoMate

Did you know that you can capture both hover AND down states for buttons and other page elements when creating a demo? It’s easy and looks great. How does it work? For each step in your demo, you can also capture a hover state that displays when you mouse over the click region, and a down state for when you actually click the mouse button. This can be extremely useful for increasing the realism of your demo. To capture a hover state, tap the Left CTRL on your keyboard when the mouse is over the button you intend to click. Once you have pressed down the left mouse button to click, you can tap the left CTRL again to capture the down state of that button. Be sure to do this while you're still holding down the left mouse button, and not after you've released it. Once you’ve done this for a few steps, press Preview and check it out. Good selling!

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