Monday, January 26, 2009

DemoMate Enhancements - January 2009

Happy New Year to the entire DemoMate community! To kick things off right, we've got a great new release that introduces a much-requested new feature - the ability to print a presenter script of your demo.
Printable Presenter Scripts
This new release (Build 580) allows you to print out a three column presenter script of your software demos, containing all the screen shots, click instructions, and presenter script text. This is a great way to review your entire demo at once, or for use as a quick-reference guide while you are practicing your demo. This can also be a time-saving tool for quickly using DemoMate to capture and output training materials for use in hands-on labs environments.
Here's an example of what a presenter script looks like when printed from DemoMate:
New Shortcut Keys for Rapid Demo Navigation
We've also added new shortcut keys in present / preview mode that allow you to rapidly advance through sections in your demo. SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW will advance to the next section, and SHIFT + LEFT ARROW will return to the start of the previous section. These new shortcuts make it possible to quickly navigate through your demo without having to enter training mode.

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