Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Directions on Microsoft: "Every Demo Needs a DemoMate"

We’d like to welcome Directions on Microsoft to the community and thank them for their kind words about DemoMate. Here’s what they had to say: “DemoMate gives us a way to leverage cloud computing to deliver our research to our subscribers. Every demo needs a DemoMate.” Jeff Parker, President, Directions on Microsoft
Directions on Microsoft is making a special offer to the DemoMate community! To receive a 20% discount off your own subscription to Directions on Microsoft, contact us for a special promotional code.
“Directions on Microsoft and DemoMate go great together -- you get broad Microsoft insight, and an effective way to demonstrate that value to customers.” – Rebecca Duffy, VP, Sales & Marketing
We are honored to be able to share this offer with you from the undisputed authority on Microsoft strategy. As many of you know – this is a great value for anyone in our industry.

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